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With an abundance of new holiday types and products on offer, Sovereign Holidays wanted to offer inspiration to their customers based on their holiday needs and wants. I was given a set of Acceptance Criteria that had to be met and was asked to come up with the UX and visual design.


The user is able to add and remove items and once picked is presented with a selection of results from Tours, Hotels and Experiences that match their selections. Stunning images are used to catch the eye and entice the customer and the left to right scrolling works seamlessly for a smooth UX across all device types.


It’s a great tool for the company to showcase their range of products with a view to inspiring the customer to choose a holiday with us and showing off hotels and experiences that the user might other wise not find.   The finder has performed well since its launch and other brands within the same company are looking to use same concept to promote their products.

After the initial launch I carried out some user testing and worked the analytics department look at where any user struggles were happening. 


One big issue was if the user had a large number of hotels returned in their results how could they quickly differentiate between them. The idea currently being developed has a quick view button which flips the card and shows 3 hotel USP's to help the user under stand better that product. 


We also had the products opening in a new window to make it easier for the user to browse their results.

We also saw struggles where users would select the type of traveller they were but not know to scroll down to choose their interests so we have introduced a next step button that scrolls the user down to the next step.

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