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Working as an inhouse designer there is often a desire for stakeholders to use agencies when it comes to branding or re-branding.  I think there are benefits but I’m also a huge advocate of the in house team and our skills and look to champion this as much as I can.  The travel brand Citalia, was looking for a re-fresh and with the 90th year approaching they wanted to be in a position to present their new brand to celebrate.  The initial brief was put out to agencies but I asked if I could have a crack at it myself having worked on the brand in a marketing, web designer role previously.  I was given the go ahead and two weeks to come up with my proposal.


To me the existing logo didn’t fit the brand – it felt very modern and out of character of the 90 year old brand and its heritage so that was my first port of call.  I took at a look at the colours, fonts and the overall language used by the brand and how I felt they should speak to their customers. The brief included detail about being the Italian holiday experts, knowing more than your average travel agent so that needed to come across in what I was working on.  I looked at the imagery being used not only by the brand currently but also those competitors in the same market. How could we stand out and be different ?


Once coming up with some initial ideas I began to work through different scenarios where the new branding would be used… Brochures, magazines, press adverts, website design, emails and different sale and marketing campaigns. 


I presented to the company management and key stakeholder in conjunction with the other design agencies two ideas, both of which were very well received and give or take a few amends was the chosen direction of the re-banding.   I am now in the process of developing these ideas into a manageable set of guidelines and style guides that allow the brand to grow in the direction it hopes.

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