Bookflow Improvements

Through user testing, analytics and device testing internally we could quickly establish users were having real issues proceeding from the hotel pages into the booking flow.


This was especially clear when using mobile and tablet devices. On mobile the book this hotel button was hidden towards the top of the page so if the user had scrolled down the page to read the detail about the hotel they would then have to scroll all the way back to the top to find the button.


On tablet both landscape and portrait the booking panel was to the right of the screen but would often appear half off screen and would be positioned only at the top of the page.


The solution was to remove the side panel giving us the whole width of the page in which to present our content as well as having a book this hotel panel fixed to the bottom of the page so it was always visible and accessible  to the user.


Another issue we noticed was that the call to action was white with a grey outline – On a very white website this did not standout nearly enough.  After some testing around colours we opted for a green colour which showed immediate improvements.


On devices the panel would also be fixed to the bottom of the screen allowing the user to easy click through to the next stage.


Once this change had gone live we then tested the wording of the button from being the very committal book this hotel to check pricing which again led to an improvement on click through rates


I made improvements to the data input forms for dates and user requirements enabling the user to focus their efforts on what they wanted to do and considerably improved the mobile journey.  The user was able to see their package at the click of a button which would give them details from room selection, flights and price – this would appear in the form of a sticky panel along the bottom of the page on desktop devices giving the user a clear indication of what they had selected.



A progress bar with simple and clear steps allowing the user to see their journey was added as well as a back to search button allowing the user to return to their search results.


Every page was optimised for devices and layouts improved and simplified to help the user experience from adding extra clarity in the form layout for passenger details as well as adding a tidy and informative booking summary just before the payment took place.


We wanted our users to feel excited about their booking so introduced hotel imagery – a countdown till their leaving date as well as related blog posts to their hotel and destination.

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